Executive Board


The HRDC Board strives to uphold the mission statement of the organization by promoting interest in theater at Harvard, organizing and administering student participation in productions housed in the Loeb Drama Center, and acting as an umbrella organization for Harvard theater by assisting in the production of theatrical works elsewhere on campus.


 President: Emily Bergquist ’18

Emily LOVES baskets.

Emily Bergquist is a senior living in Adams House, although she can more likely be found sleeping under a desk in the Loeb Drama Center while pretending to do her Government or WGS readings. Hailing from Nebraska, Georgia, and a few other places, Emily can answer any questions you may have about corn, peaches, college football, and/or the Chicago Blackhawks. She is an active producer, working with original work, large musicals, and above-ground swimming pools, and she is always looking to chat with someone to try and figure out what “producing” actually means (she’s been faking it for a while now). Emily is thrilled to be serving as your president and OBERON liaison, so please reach out to her if you have questions about the ART/OBERON, the HRDC in general, or the appropriate glitter to donkey ratio. #WomenInTechnicalTheater

DUTIES: The President of the HRDC, in addition to facilitating and coordinating the actions of all other board members, serves as the primary liaison between the ART, OFA, Committee of Dramatic Arts, and Deans of Harvard College.

CONTACT: president@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Vice President/Mainstage Coordinator: Madison Deming ’18

Madi has been rehearsing candid for YEARS.Madison Deming is a senior in Quincy House dual concentrating in Psychology and Crazy Cat Lady Studies with a secondary in Theater, Dance, and Media. Her hobbies include screaming in joy at smol dogs on the street and purchasing copious amounts of fuzzy clothing. She’s mainly an actor, singer, and producer, but she also dabbles in mannequin head dancing. Feel free to reach out with any questions about OSAPR, the Mainstage, producing at Harvard, if you have a kitten she can pet, or to hear about how much of a goddess Emily Bergquist is.

DUTIES: The VP coordinates the HRDC productions that occur on the Mainstage of the Loeb every semester. The VP also handles the OFA sponsored Visiting Director Project, in which a professional director works with a student cast and production team on the Mainstage each fall.

CONTACT: vp@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Ex Coordinator: Caro Ribeiro ’18

Caro is not a student here.

Caro Ribeiro is a senior in Kirkland House concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Economics. She hails from sunny Miami, FL and continues to struggle through the brutal New England winters. Her primary theater interests are directing and acting. Outside the HRDC, she is the President of Harvard College Musical Theater and a frequent customer of Border Café. Contact Caro with questions about the Experimental Theater, bangs, or how to pronounce her name.

DUTIES: The Ex Coordinator oversees the Loeb Experimental Theater, a variable-seating space that is the premier black-box space on campus.

CONTACT: ex@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Campus Liaison: Meghan Onserio ’19Meghan owns a green screen.

Meghan Onserio, your Campus Liaison, is a junior living in Leverett concentrating in History & Literature. She hails from the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota), and can oftentimes be found aggressively tagging her friends in relatable facebook memes – so much so that she has earned the title of the Meme Queen (pronounced: me- me- qweeeeen). Other hobbies include: participating in the Association of Black Harvard Women and belting Destiny’s Child in the shower. While she is primarily an actress/singer, in the future she would like to try producing. Meghan would like to give a special shoutout to her amazing her family, blockmates, and the the cute guy that sits next to her in Spanish class every day. All of whom are daily integral in encouraging her to “Be extra. Be dramatic. Be you.” Meghan is ecstatic to be the HRDC Campus Liaison – so feel free to reach out to her for questions about Common Casting, auditioning, or any social events!

DUTIES: The Campus Liaison is responsible for organizing and running Common Casting, maintaining relations between the HRDC and other campus theater groups, and conducting outreach to the Harvard community past and present.

CONTACT: campus@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Technical Liaison: Casey Goggin ’19Casey cannot tell the difference between goats and dogs.

Casey Goggin, part time suburban mom and fierce proponent of #QuadLife, is a junior who lives in Cabot with his big, happy family and he will be serving as your Technical Liaison. He is pursuing a joint concentration in Government and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, with a language citation in dog whispering. In the ~theater~, he is most often half naked and making out with people on stage or he is on the grid, hitting his head on lights. He has two adopted dogs, named Shadow and Bandit, and a fish named Apollo, and he would love to share pet pictures. He really likes dogs, RuPaul’s Drag Race, his wife Carla Troconis, Trader Joe’s, and technical theater. Please reach out to him with questions about any of these things, and feel free to visit him in the Quad! Bring dogs.

DUTIES: The Tech Liaison arranges Backstage Week, publicizes information about design and technician positions that are open on campus, oversees the Loeb Technical Requirement, and is available as a technical resource to everyone.

CONTACT: tech@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: he, him, his

Historian: Inaara Shiraz ’19Inaara harbors a deep secret beneath her smile.

Inaara Shiraz is a resident of Eliot House and is pursuing a Joint degree in History and Literature and Theater, Dance, and Media. She is very proud to serve as your Historian. Through the theater scene on campus, Inaara has had the incredible opportunities to perform, stage manage, technical direct, and set design. Inaara enjoys not only being a part of the theater scene on campus but also learning about theater academically. Reach out to Inaara if you would like to learn about arts-related internships, amazing theater courses, the Houghton Library’s Theatre Collection, or want to talk about diversity and representation in the arts.

DUTIES: The Historian is responsible for acting as a liaison between the Board and the HRDC community, documenting and maintaining the history of the HRDC, and serving as a coordinator of HRDC alumni relations.

CONTACT: historian@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Treasurer: Carla Troconis ’19Carla HURLS shade.

Carla is a junior in Cabot House, concentrating in Government and essentially pursuing an unofficial secondary in Theater, Dance, and Media (shh – don’t tell her parents). She is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina but feels much more attached to her dual homelands of Venezuela and Brazil. She’s acted, been a technician, directed, and produced theater on campus and intends to keep doing so. Outside theater, she’s involved with the Harvard Political Review, the Theater Dance and Media magazine, and the all too common pastime of Pad Thai and Netflix. She is your HRDC Treasurer, because theater is nothing without #billsbillsdollarbills so contact her if you have any money questions or if you just want to geek out about various things (she’s not picky).

DUTIES: The Treasurer is in charge of finances for the Loeb Ex and Mainstage, as well as the HRDC budget. If you have a question about reimbursements, allowable items for a budget, or ideas for HRDC purchases, email the treasurer!

CONTACT: treasurer@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: she, her, hers


Publicity Coordinator: Eli Schleicher ’18Eli doesn't drink coffee.

Eli is a senior living in Quincy House who envisions entirely different life for himself were he named Quincy. He is concentrating in English and concentrating on social media (silently though – you’ll never know that he’s already looked at all your profile pictures). The graph of how high he chooses to sing a song vs. time of night shows a direct correlation. Sometimes he likes you to know that he isn’t just an English guy. Ask him about all things publicity (except Twitter, because what?), theater (including acting, producing, administration, design, -re vs. -er, and ghosts), and a cappella (his true passion – theater is merely a front). Or anything else! He tries to be friendly and eat ice cream frequently (see above).  

DUTIES: The publicity coordinator updates and maintains the HRDC website and sends out the HRDC Newsletter. He also maintains all HRDC social media accounts and coordinates greater Boston publicity outreach.

CONTACT: publicity@hrdctheater.com          PRONOUNS: he, him, his



HRDC Board Elections are held annually, in November, at an open meeting of the HRDC. Each officer holds their position for one calendar year. New members assume the duties and privileges of office at the beginning of the spring semester.

Anyone who has been involved with a campus production in any way can run for the HRDC Board. Candidates are encouraged to look at the duties and responsibilities of each position (described above and in the HRDC Constitution) and to email current board members to learn more about their perspective office when deciding to run. Candidates for office should nominate themselves by submitting a statement of interest to the current Executive Board at least two days prior to the election. A majority vote by members of the HRDC present at the open meeting determines the elected officers of the HRDC Executive Board. Candidates may be nominated from the floor.


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